Friday, November 6, 2009

Our "oldest" club members talk about their favorite Tavern memories

We asked a select group of Club Members (those who have been members for more than 10 years) to tell us their favorite Tavern memories:

David Rood says: Heidi Cline's production of Two Gents, which ended with a Florentine-style duel on a stage in the round VERY close to the audience. It was on a small island, almost too small for the action, and Brik [Berkes] actually fell off one night during a spin.

The repertory with Galileo on a raked stage and Doug Kaye's version of The Frogs with Tony Brown and Pete Hauenstein, a cameo by [Chef for a Night Caterer] Nancy Myers, and a frog named Berthold who said "Brecht" instead of "brek-ek-ek-ek".

Bo Ketchin's "Cathedral" with Marc [McPherson] narrating also made a strong impression. It was such a tight story, with such vivid imagery.

Fran Stewart says: One favorite memory is of the scramble we had--staff and volunteers alike--to get the Tavern opened for the first show after the last renovation. We worked all day, and as the audience was filing in, we were still moving tables and sweeping. I was the one on the broom. Everything was ready except for the lights. So, the show ran with the work lights on. No special effects, no mood lighting, no nothing but stark overhead bulbs. The power of Shakespeare's language truly came through. His words and the superb acting skills of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company actors showed us the time of day, the weather conditions, the settings. I'm often proud to be a supporter of this company, but never more so than that particular evening.

STAR* remembers a different side of the Tavern-experience: I remember trying to get there early enough so I could score a pillow to put on those very hard, very uncomfortable, wooden chairs. During the summer, when I could not perspire enough in the sweltering [theater] to rid myself of excess body fluids, I had
to stand in a very long line for the privilege of sitting on one of the 3 bathroom [stalls] to rid myself of the rest of my retained body fluids! Took up the entire time of intermission just to accomplish that simple task. Then- back to the [theater] to perspire some more for the remainder of the play.

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