Friday, September 24, 2010

Parting is sweet sorrow indeed.

Last night the Tavern family said goodbye to actor Mike Niedzwiecki, who's moving out to Los Angeles. Mike's been part of the Shakespeare Tavern world since he joined the 2006-2007 Apprentice Company and has played many roles on our stage. Not to mention he also held arguably the coolest-sounding title of all the staff members here: "Master of Weapons"!

Mike's last full season at the Tavern was a strong one, including roles like Orlando in As You Like It and Chanticleer in Canterbury Tales. But we'll miss him around here as much for his good humor as for his talent on stage. For example:

See what I mean?

We also recently bid a loving farewell to Kate Cella, who moved to New York City this week. Kate has worked as one of our box office mavens for the past year or so but she also appeared on our stage when she was little, so she's really been part of the Tavern family for years (she makes a brief appearance in the above video as well)!

We wish both Mike and Kate the best of luck in their new lives. We're very excited for both of you, but we'll definitely miss you around the Tavern!