Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of my favorite poems from the Bad Poetry Contest

This poem was one of the first ones submitted. I'm sad it didn't win (though the author did eventually submit a winning poem), but I'm happy to share it with you all:

Rosalind: Sonnet I-285
By Gordon C. Callaway

You are as hott as a humid Atlanta evenin’.
You make my vision hazy and it’s hard to breath.
Tornadoes shake the dogwood blossoms of April,
And short shorts grace the skaters of Piedmont Park.
Sometimes too greasy the rings of the Varsity drip,
Yet they’re the answer to “What’ll ya have?”.
The win streak of the luckless Braves declines,
And Bobby Cox says he ain’t to blame.
Like “Hot Doughnuts”, your beauty will not fade,
It klings to you like Krispy Kreme’s hot glaze.
And when your time comes to join Willie B,
You’ll be as well loved as Stone Mountain’s three.
So long as Shakespeare’s Tavern has a fee, (shameless plug)
I will try to win free tickets for thee.

-posted by Jeanette Meierhofer

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Anonymous said...

it is because of the Krispy Kreme part isn't it?