Thursday, May 13, 2010

Announcing our Coriolanus Photoshop and Caption Contest!

We’re looking for some creative people to have a little fun with some left over Coriolanus press images.

Between now and June 12, we’ll be taking your submissions of Photoshopped images of Coriolanus (played by J.C. Long, good sport that he is) attacking things.
Once the winner has been chosen (by a panel of Highly Qualified Tavern Employees), we will release that image to be captioned by our audience.

The winning Photoshop-er will get 4 free tickets and a Royal Upgrade to one show(any show,) while the winning Caption Writer will receive a $50 Tavern Gift Card!

For more information and to download our Coriolanus photos for the contest, click on 'Photoshop and Caption Contest' at!

Happy 'Shopping!

A few examples to get your ideas flowing:

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