Friday, August 22, 2008

The Battles are Beginning....

In November the Shakespeare Tavern will be presenting Henry VI parts 1, 2 and 3. Because those are three separate plays, rehearsals for them have already begun. This is much earlier than usual for us, but because there is so much material and so much to coordinate we need a head start.

That means that the Battles have already begun. Fight choreography has already started and there are a lot of men running around the building with swords. There is also a lot of yelling and grunting.

These are already amazingly choreographed scenes, even though they are still in the preliminary stages. It's getting pretty exciting to watch.

Now, there are only going to be five performances for each part of Henry VI, and tickets have been on sale for a month.

We currently have 208 Main Floor tickets left for Part 1, 210 Main Floor tickets for Part 2 and 211 Main Floor tickets for Part 3. So if you are looking for a table of excitement on the Main Floor to watch all of these battles up close and personal, I would really recommend buying your tickets now!


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